Monday, 1 June 2009

OK gang! Group huddle!

An explanation:

Basically for a long time I had wanted to start some kind of medium by which I record some of my thoughts about the world to make them clearer in my mind and also to articulate them more effectively (I can manage the written word where one has more time to consider every syllable and cliched phrase; spoken word on the other hand is quite terrifying!)

I finally took the initiative in some form back in March when I got a sort of 'practice blog' using the means provided by MSN (remember the contact cards?) However, inevitably this became a pain in the arse due to having to sign into the cyber-graveyard of MSN to access it (not to mention the fact that generally the remaining residents of said cyber-graveyard were those few aware of its existence) I will post my modest number of entries in a following blog for any interested.

Finally the rather strange blog name refers to the uphill struggle awaiting me in becoming a journo. Not the vacuous gutter-sniping sort, the kind whose every word kills - or at least inflicts GBH upon - a reputation (like the bastards who claimed Max Mosley's private consensual adult activities were in genuine public interest). Rather the kind who in the words of the great Israeli reporter and siege-dodger Amira Hass acts as a "monitor on the centre of power". So yeah, that's the dream. Aware of the realities, "competitive" "tough world" "paper circulation at record low" blah blah blah, spare me the lecture.